Bugaboo Boxer


Ever get fed up of wheeling and carrying multiple items of luggage? Or always looking for an easier solution to get your stuff from A to B? Well if you have then look no further, introducing the Bugaboo Fully Loaded Luggage System. You may recognise the name Bugaboo as being one of the top selling baby strollers in the world but now they have taken the concept of travelling in style to a whole new level by creating a luggage system that literally re-defines the term 'Game Changer'. 

The system simply works by using the main chassis to clip on whichever luggage case you need, so for long overseas trips use the fully loaded to its full extent, or for short over night trips like I often do use the smaller clip on case. It also has a laptop case built into the chassis so you never have to rummage through your luggage last minute to pull your laptop out at security. Genius, right?

Most importantly the system all folds in nice and compact, with a simple tap on the foot lever and push of the luggage handle all components turn in on itself saving the case from damage in transit.

What makes this unique suitcase so on point is the 'Power of Push' with the 4 wheels on the chassis (2 front wheels with 360° motion) you can glide effortlessly around. 

Never be ashamed of your luggage again.

Get your Bugaboo Fully Loaded Boxer HERE.

The Chassis:

Cabin Case:

Travel Case: